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Simple clean lines
Glazed Link
Side Elevation
Side Elevation
Rural Courtyard Design
Interior Living Flue
Comber Road, Carryduff 
Client's comments: 
We have lived in a lot of different houses. The Sheiling is the first home to literally provide us with everything we have wished for. Its uniqueness lies in the marriage of Comfort, Style and Space, which is flooded with natural light, allowing us to enjoy its every aspect.  
The house seems perfectly balanced in its design and functionality - something we had not found before - and this equilibrium makes living in it so easy. 
We love the fact that its design is very modern but it is forgiving enough to let us away with a little "comfort clutter" - we are not really minimalists at heart! 
The outside space works very well in proportion to the house and it affords us equal delight.  
It's a sociable home where everyone seems to feel at ease - nothing unique in that but really important!  
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