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Concrete architecture
Glass House
Replacement Dwelling
Concept Sketch
House Overlooking Strangford Lough 
This replacement dwelling for a retired architect has elevated views over Strangford Lough. The brief was for a modest yet exciting house that would have uninterrupted panoramic views of the Lough to the north whilst creating sheltered outdoor spaces to the south without losing sight of the shoreline. In addition to this, the rural retreat should be easy to lock up and return to the city. 
The response to the brief and the site was a 'Clam' design concept. The concrete shell on the upper level houses the main living and sleeping spaces which is highly glazed however the middle section is solid allowing for sliding timber screens to tbe stored when the house is occupied at the weekends. When the house is vacant these dynamic screens can be retracted to close the house down. 
The sheltered outdoor terraces are postioned so that you can view through the glazed spaces to the lough beyond. 
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