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Rosstulla school entrance
Rosstulla Special Needs School, Jordanstown 
North Eastern Education & Library Board (NEELB) 
The project brief included for the relocation of the existing Art Department to an area of the site with views and greater connection to the outside. In addition to this the illegibility of the main entrance was to be increased and made more inviting. 
Constructing the new build element of the project close to the main entrance allowed the brief to couple the new art studio with a revamped entrance, whilst centralizing the school’s administration core the school. 
To minimize the construction costs the design involved simple, buildable elements freeing a greater proportion of the budget for the finishing specification. The use of contrasting colours, textures and materials is to aid in the creative stimulation of the pupils. 
BGA Architects worked closely with the client, design team and main contractor to realize the opportunity of also reworking the internal spaces within the school whilst creating a more attractive public impression of the school. 
The project was completed on programme meaning staff and pupils enjoyed a fresh start to the new academic year. 
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