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Accredited Expert Witness
When you buy property, you take on legal responsibilities. We can work with your Solicitor to ensure that the correct paperwork is in place. At its simplest level this means ensuring that you have a properly prepared map for submission to the Land Registry. 
But what happens if your property comes with an old and in accurately drawn map? We can survey your house and prepare a map which accurately reflects the boundaries 
And, heaven forbid, what happens if you end up in dispute with your neighbour over the boundary position. We can prepare an Expert Witness report, in co-operation with your Solicitor in a form at which is acceptable to the Courts. 
As a consequence of our specialist knowledge of designing for people with disabilities, we act for many Solicitors in the preparation of accommodation reports for people who are disabled as a result of an accident. This involves surveying an existing property and commenting on it’s suitability for use by the disabled person. If it is not suitable, we can make recommendations on necessary adaptations or on the construction of a purpose designed house. 
Brian Grahame is registered as an Adjudicator with the Royal Society of Ulster Architects. If you are having difficulties with your project on site, we can offer advise on the correct contractual procedure to be followed. 
Catching problems early, before positions become entrenched, is the best way to an amicable resolution of problems. 
We are not Solicitors, but if you contact us with your problems we will do our best to resolve them. If we, can’t we will tell you, and point you towards the most qualified person. 
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