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RIBA House
RIBA Housing 11 featured our one-off house in Holywood, County Down. 
Why employ an Architect: 
Architects are professionally trained to turn your ideas into reality. They bring an objective and creative eye to projects large and small and, whether you’re constructing, adapting or expanding a building, they can often save you valuable time and money. 
Architects are trained to take your brief and to see the big picture looking beyond immediate requirements to design flexible buildings that can adapt to meet your changing needs. 
Architects solve problems creatively, bringing an architect in right at the start of a project gives them a better chance to understand your requirements, develop creative solutions and propose ways to reduce cost. 
Architects can create added value, the insight and creative skills of architects can more than pay for their fees, reducing bills and ensuring your project stays on track to save you from incurring extra costs. In addition, a well-designed building can reduce your bills and increase long-term value. 
Architects can manage your whole project from site selection to completion, an architect can co-ordinate a team of specialist consultants - such as landscape architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, builders, interior designers, sub contractors, etc - to get the job done. 
Architects can add a new, creative dimension, whether you’re looking for tradition or innovation, boldness or understatement, they can lift your project out of ordinary and add value along the way. 
Architects use their knowledge to work for you finding light and space you didn’t know you had, suggest materials you hadn’t thought of and help you find the right builder at the right price. 
Architects provide peace of mind, to be called an architect you must comply with the Architects Act and register with the Architects Registration Board. RIBA Chartered Practice adds a further mark of quality. 
Architects are construction professionals, with their in-depth knowledge of the industry they can guide you through the complex web of legislation, regulations and contractual obligations. They can also monitor construction work and administer your contract with your builders. 
Architects understand your hopes and concerns, no matter how small the project, they help translate your vision into reality. 
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