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Urban Replacement Dwelling. 
Due to the confines of strict planning conditions we had to play it safe with our building plans - nothing that would look out of place in the urban 1960’s development. Initially we were disappointed but with John Lavery designing our house we rapidly began to see exciting possibilities in place of constraints. When we saw the plans we were excited - the planning conditions were satisfied (approval was granted within seven weeks) but we felt there was much more individuality and style than we had ever anticipated. 
From the first meeting we were really impressed by how John listened and took our ideas (and us!) in a direction we didn’t think was possible within planning and budget constraints. 
John’s attention to design and Ryan’s attention to detail meant we were constantly delighted and reassured by our decision to retain BGA’s services for the whole of the build process. We felt, as complete building novices, that we needed help and expert guidance and having John and Ryan on board meant that we had the luxury of an almost stress-free build - queries were answered immediately, problems solved imaginatively, and very high build standards were maintained throughout. 
We watched the house being built but even then we could not have envisaged just how beautiful it would be when finished. We now live in a home that excites us - cool and sophisticated, starkly elegant lines, beautiful shadows, areas that have changed, defined and enhanced the way we live. 
Would we do it all again? Yes definitely with one proviso, John and Ryan would have to be on board! 
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